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Rittmeister distillery

On January 05th, 2010 I opened a new chapter in my life.

It was cold, it had snowed during the night and I switched on my brand new, sparkling copper distillery for the first time.

On this day I made my first distillate and started my work as a schnapps distiller. It was Jonagold apples from a neighboring fruit growing company with which I inaugurated my distillery.

Today, several years and many shoots (distillation processes) later, there are around 30 different products in the range: fruit brandies, grain brandies, herbs and fruit liqueurs and of course classics from my homeland, such as Rostock caraway. Contemporary products such as gin and whiskey are also an integral part of the Rittmeister distillery portfolio - only Jonagold from back then did not make it into the range in the end.

The distillery is located on the premises of our eponymous restaurant, which my wife and I have been running since 1996. The love of the job, the solidarity with the region and the passion for delicious products are the cornerstones for everything that comes out of the Rittmeister distillery today.

The suppliers for the distillery are almost entirely from the region, some of them are organic producers. Only purely natural raw materials are used for the products, with no artificial flavors, preservatives or colorings. All brandies are made without any added sugar.

True to the motto - Craft Spirits:

  • handmade spirits
  • anchored regionally
  • produced sustainably
  • made from natural ingredients

The products are several times at the Destillata in Austria and the Craft Spirits Festival was awarded in Berlin. The Rittmeister distillery is also a member of Slow Food Germany e. V.

Andrew Barnehl

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